29 Jan 2021
Welcome to Term 1 in 2021!


This is an important announcement in regards to COVID-19 updates for this term at the centre and school. All parents arriving at the centre will be required to sign in with the NSW Health QR code prior to dropping your children off to before school care and picking up at after school care. This is inline with the school requiring all parent visitors on site to sign in as they enter the premises. Of course this is in addition to signing our child in and out of the centre as normal.


You will find the QR code located near the gate entrance.


You will also need to show your sign in to an educator (generally the educator who is outside supervising the bathrooms.) If it is raining and we are inside there will be a staff member near the foyer.


Please remember parents are not allowed to enter the main rooms, if you need to speak to someone regarding bookings or an incident please ask an educator for some assistance if you need to speak to Jake or myself or phone or email the centre on 9868 5690 and enoshcp@bigpond.com.au



Kareena Simpson

Centre Director