2. Fees

2.(a) Is there a Membership Fee?

Yes, every family at Epping North OSHCP is required to pay an annual membership fee when they enrol/re-enrol at the centre each year.

Please refer to our Payments page for Membership fee information.

2.(b) How much are the Centre Fees?

Please refer to our Payments page for up to date Fee information.

2.(c) How do I pay my fees?

Please refer to our Payments page for the different fee payment methods available for families.

2.(d) Can I pay my fees at the centre with cash or cheques?

No. Epping North is a cashless centre which means that we cannot accept cash or cheques as a form of payment. Please see above for how to pay your fees.

2.(e) How often do I get billed?

You should receive a statement once a fortnight, from our administration office, Becklyn. Your statement details your usage at the centre from the past two weeks, and your total amount owing – which will include any missed payments from before the current period .

2.(f) Why have I been charged a non-notification fee?

The Non-notification fee is in place to ensure families notify the centre of their child’s non-attendance. When a child is on a centre roll, it is the responsibility of the Nominated Supervisor or Responsible Person on Duty to ascertain the whereabouts of the child. This can involve many steps, from doing a physical search for the child, contacting the school office to find out if the child attended school that day, contacting parents and authorised nominees, through to contacting the police if a child is not located, and reporting them as missing. Further explanation of the non-notification fee can be sort in our policy and procedure document on our website http://www.eppingnorthoshc.com.au/centre-policies/ or the Family handbook http://www.eppingnorthoshc.com.au/enrolments/

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