Online Bookings

The Centre’s online system allows you to make changes to your current bookings at the centre.

You can:

  • Add or cancel a Permanent booking
  • Add or cancel a Casual booking
  • Advise your child will be away for a permanent session
  • Transfer a permanent booking inside the current week
  • Enter Vacation Care bookings
  • Enter Pupil Free Day bookings
  • Enter Alternating Bookings (where applicable)

How to make changes to your before and after school care bookings

  • Log in to the Portal using your previously supplied username and password.
  • Once logged in go to “Parents”, “Bookings” and then “Add/Edit Bookings”.
  • Navigate to the week you are wanting to make bookings for. This can be done by selecting the calendar or by utilising the arrows to move one week forward/back.
  • Select the bubble on the day you are wishing to book.
  • You will have the option to book a permanent or a casual depending on bookings rules and availability. Select the option you wish to book in for.
  • You can navigate by utilising the arrows to move forward/back for individual days or select done to take you back to the booking calendar.

Please find the below video explaining the process: